The British Council is working with five artistic projects to support the Maltese city of Valletta as European Capital of Culture 2018.

Valletta 2018 

The Maltese city of Valletta is European Capital of Culture 2018 – one of the most important cultural titles a city can have. Every year, two EU countries hold this title – Valletta shares its year with Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. 

This will be an incredible year, with artists, from painters to filmmakers to museum curators, coming to the city and to wider Malta to give public performances and forge new international partnerships. You can find out more about the full programme at 

The British Council at Valletta

The British Council is working with five artistic projects throughout the Valletta 2018 year. Our Capturing Valletta Student Journalists will be reporting on the whole cultural programme.

All the projects aim to help UK and Maltese artists find new audiences, and to enable people from Malta and from around the world become part of Europe’s cultural capital. 

Our projects share best practice from the UK and elsewhere.  They explore ways that artists and organisations can work together to build systems that support and inspire creativity. By the end of Valletta’s 2018 Capital of Culture year, we want to have played a part in creating new structures that make working as an artist a financially sustainable profession as well as a creative one, in Malta, the UK and the rest of the world.

Opera director Michael Moxham set designer Nicky Shaw, librettist Gorg Peresso and Dr Pace visiting Birgu.

City of Humanity: Malta’s identity in three operas

Considered to be the first ever Maltese opera cycle, ‘City of Humanity’ is a collaboration between Maltese artists – composer Dr Rueben Pace, choreographer Dianne Portelli and author Ġorġ Peresso – and artists from the UK, including set designer Nicky Shaw and opera director Michael Moxham. Capturing Valletta Student Journalist Andrea Rossitto caught up with leading members of the production team during their first rehearsals in Malta to discuss the operas – and what the Maltese language means for national identity.