A FameLab finalist

Cheltenham Festivals

Video auditions

We are giving you the opportunity to do a video audition instead of a live audition. From past competitions and participants’ feedback, a video audition is more convenient for all participants. If you prefer to do a live audition, contact our FameLab Malta team on famelabmalta@esplora.org.mt

You can use the same presentation that you intend on competing with and work on improving that during the masterclass. For the national final you will be asked to prepare two presentestions and should you win the competition, those presentations can be used in the International competition in the UK.

The rules

  • PowerPoint is not allowed
  • Props are permitted but are limited to what you can carry on stage. There is no time for set up once on stage
  • You will be required to present in English in the auditions and the international final.