Anthea Agius Anastasi wins FameLab Malta 2017! 

Anthea Agius Anastasi won this year's FameLab Malta national competition, and will be representing Malta in the International FameLab Competition at the Cheltenham Science Festival UK, June 2017.

Anthea said, "“Cutting-edge nanomaterial science and engineering is not often understood by the public. FameLab is giving me the opportunity to share my passion for my research to the general public. Furthermore, the FameLab Masterclass helped me to translate difficult science to an easy language.”

In 2014, Anthea was awarded my B.Eng.(Hons.)(Melit.) with first class honours and Dean's Award, and started her Ph.D. on "Molecular Simulation and Atomic Probe Studies of Graphene" with the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, UoM. She was then employed as Casual Support Engineer in 2015, and as an Assistant Lecturer in 2016.

Anthea decided to enter FameLab to build her confidence and experience in communicating science, especially in front of technical and non-technical audiences. She will make use of the knowledge acquired in the masterclass both for herself but also to help her in guiding her students on their presentation and public speaking skills as well.

Anthea’s experience in science communication started off at University. She presented her undergraduate thesis and ongoing postgraduate studies (MPhil to PhD transfer), even in front of judges for "Best Final Year Project" competitions and so on, in 2016. She also took part in the Present Around The World competition, organized by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). She won the nationals and had the opportunity to present her work in Barcelona, Spain.


What is Famelab?

FameLab is one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world.

If you think you can explain a scientific concept to a general audience, in just three minutes, then why not enter? You could become the new face of science, represent your country at the FameLab International final in the UK, and open doors to global opportunities in science communication!

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